Doug Grewar(non-registered)
The prefix "chi" means "the language of" in many African languages such as ChiBemba (the language of the Bemba people). The are variations in some countries such as Kiswahili in East Africa and IsiZulu in South Africa.
Therefore Chilapalapa means, "this here language".
Therefore Chikabanga means, "the language that you think". Kabanga = think also maybe. Kumbula = remember.
Fanakalo = just like this.
So when meeting an African you might ask him, "Kabanga wena azi kuluma Fanakalo?
The early Italian missionaries made the spelling of "chi" as "ci" so sometimes you will see Chibemba spelt Cibemba and Chinyanja spelt Cinyanja. In my opinion this is wrong. It happened because in Italian C = Ch, as in Ciao (goodbye) that is pronounced Chow!
So chow for now, it is time to go and scarf some chow!
We have a lot incommon!!
Venom clubman
Elise Cotter(non-registered)
It was wonderful seeing your photos of Lusaka. My father was a pilot for The Flying Doctor service in the mid 1970s, based in Ndola and Lusaka. The city is just as I remembered it, and yes, you have a small part of CBC captured also ! Thank you for sharing.
Eve L. Crowley(non-registered)
Dear Steve, what a delight to see these photos which capture times and places long gone. I am the daughter of Dan and Pearl Crowley, and so enjoyed seeing their photos, childhood shots of me and my siblings and (I think?) my Aunt Adeline? Thanks for making these available and I will certainly explore others as well. Warmest regards from the Crowley family .
Doug Penny Jnr(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing.
Propelling me back all those years. I can even smell it and taste it!
Wonderful photographs.
Dennis Forde(non-registered)
G'day Steve and Jill, Just had a look on facebook, and rewatched one of my races back in '73 on Mindola dam 45 years ago!! wow I turned 74 on Monday and yet if I close my eye's I can capture the extreme excitement of the wonderful times.
Stay well both of you.
Jitesh Naik(non-registered)
Great photos. Thank you for sharing.
Tony Edlind(non-registered)
Nice pictures of Lusaka!
I stayed in Zambia 1972-74 working for SWECO at the Itechitechi camp site at Kafue river when the new dm was constructed. Our office was situadet at Long Acre.
Neil Seady(non-registered)
Hi, am trying to contact an old friend , Chris Blignaut, ex Kitwe. See some photos about him racing boats on Mindolao Dam.
Any idea where he is ? Last fished with him in Shakawe , Botswana. He was staying in Maun.
Paul Mckelvie(non-registered)
Like the photos from motorbike racing.
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