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A selection of photographs taken in Zambia with my Samsung cell phone.

I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone camera. I normally take the photos on my daily walks, so most of the photos are roadside or side path captures.

I live in quite a built up part of Lusaka, but there is plenty of action. The early morning light seems to be perfect for taking photos on this particular phone camera. I have learned this overtime.

Taking these photos is good body and mind exercise too! In order to take some of these shots I have to get into some yoga-like contortions and wait for the right moment with Zen-like calm!
The brightness of his Charro suit, the fabric colorful, heavily and beautifully embroidered was impressive ! But it was his melting-chocolate-drop eyes that won my heart..Ebony and in perfect harmony...Hello people! I am back! Happy to be welcomed by this lovely heartwarming stare!His favourite jacket, short and trim..worn with matching pants.... Ecological au naturale.A surprise new look for Spring 2016..a woven furry jacket combined with over-the-top sunglasses ....Chameleon aka Hamba Gashle and PolēpolēA trendy little wasp wearing Elton John glasses...Spent the morning playing peek-a-boo with shimmering dragonflies..Dare to be differentCame upon the exquisite Miss Mantis touching up her flamboyant dress .....and off to the Carnival!See? No hands!Found this beautiful  Chongololo breakfasting on a piece of nshima!I am currently in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa .... came upon a lovely flower and a bee! Had to! After all, the name Addis Ababa means "New Flower"...Caught this gentleman undressing behind a leaf..he abandoned his old grey suit for this startling pink look.Hand to hand combat....spider won..hands down.This season layering just got a new set of high fashion rules!Sleeping on the job ?Amazing to see....How flies glitter like jewels in the morning light...Great headgearThen finally, I managed to get a smile...

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