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Daniel J. Crowley, (1921 - 1998) an anthropologist who loved parties so much that he devoted his life to attending carnivals, festivals and other folk celebrations in every corner of the globe, died on Feb. 24 while in Oruro, Bolivia, for a Mardi Gras carnival.

He was 76 and had been professor of anthropology and art history at the University of California at Davis.

For someone who used a wheelchair, Dr. Crowley got around. A man who circled the globe nine times in various directions, he claimed to have visited 295 of the 311 political and geographic entities listed by Travelers' Century Club, including every state in the union and every nation except Iraq, generally finding a party at each stop.

The trips earned him recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records as ''the most traveled disabled person,'' but the quest for records was not his motivating force.

''Overcompensation,'' Dr. Crowley once explained. ''I fly everywhere because I can't walk.''

For Daniel J. Crowley
, a Northwestern University graduate who was paralyzed after contracting polio in the Navy in World War II, and who used the G.I. Bill to get a master's degree in art history from Bradley University and a doctorate in anthropology from Northwestern, there was another reason: he was born in Peoria, Ill.
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