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Created 14-May-16
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Lambert & Butler’s 25 Third Rhodesian Series issued in 1930, reflects attitudes representative of those times describing grown men as ‘boys’ displaying Negroid characteristics of long skull etc., and saying which tribe is “the most civilized”. The series begins with a picture of the then prime minister Howard Unwin and continues with a variety of themes such as a native family, building a hut, dug-outs on the Zambesi, pounding corn, baby elephants and so on before ending with Warkie Colliery where natives housed in compounds mined a million tons of coal annually. Card no. 7 is particularly scathing of the locals “steeped in superstition”, “hideously cruel” and of “revolting customs” which the “Authorities must take great care to prevent”. The set completes a trio by Lambert & Butler and follows The Rhodesian Series (1928) and Fauna of Rhodesia (1929). Size 68 x 36mm
Number of cards in set:25

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